November 2017

d² productions montréal is an independent English theatre production company. We are committed to creating opportunities for local artists and to producing high quality, accessible theatre for all audiences. d² productions showcases some of Montreal’s finest actors, directors, technicians and writers. We are dedicated to collaborative creation, committed to working together consistently over time to develop a distinctive body of work and practices. We encourage a cooperative ownership of the art, believing in actors as creative as well as interpretive artists. All members develop a sense of the whole, and contribute to the success of the company.

d² productions has just made the top ten list of Cult Montreal’s Best Theatre Companies in 2017 an interview with Dale Hayes

Late Company

by Canadian Playwright, Jordan Tannahill.


The Montreal premiere. November 8-19, 2017 at MainLine Theatre.
Produced by Dale Hayes and Max Mehran

One year after the suicide of their son, Debora and Michael sit down to dinner with their son’s bully and his parents. Blame shifts over the course of the evening as everyone takes a turn in the hot seat for their real or imagined part in Joel’s suicide, and questions are raised that no one is prepared to answer.

Late Company is produced by permission of the Author and Marquis Entertainment Inc.

Auditions will be announced August 2017

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