Audience Response/Media Reviews

Audience response:

“Intense subject matter…great performances.” -IB

“”Highly recommended. An emotional tour de force.I laughed & cried…but mostly cried. Bring kleenex!!”-Alain Dahan; actor, photographer, videographer

“A powerful play that strikes at the core of archetypal Mental Health issues. Kudos to the team! Fierce, heart-wrenching performances”-Mark Krupa; actor, writer, director, producer.

“Excellent play really carried by the strength of its performances!”-JLR

“Just watched the play which treats with such a touching but realistic way about Alzheimer. Jouée a la perfection! Bravo the cast.Très poignante! J’ai beaucoup pleuré & même un peu ri. Je vous encourage très fort d’aller voir la pièce/you must go and see it!!”-Valerie Bohbot; owner of Bien Chez Soi (Outrmont), private home-care services.

“Outstanding! We all thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful play. Thank you.”-TG

“On behalf of the board of directors, staff and clients of the Alzheimer Society of Montreal, I would like to thank you and the team at d² productions for giving us the opportunity to be associated with your latest theatrical production. The acting was superb. The message came across very clearly that a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can severely impact not only the person suffering from the disease, but even more so, their family members.”-Camille Issacs

“It was truly an eye opener into a world we unfortunately know little about. And amazingly well done, balancing reality with sensivity. Much continued success to everyone!”-Lorraine

“Congrats to Dale Hayes and the whole cast and crew of The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble, if you are free in Montreal this weekend please check it out!”-Chris Wynn, Director, Writer, Producer, Film Maker


Byron Tobin: “…d² productions…small but mighty.” For the full review go to: The Westmount Magazine

Jim Burke, The Montreal Gazette: