The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble

d² productions presents The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble by Canadian and award-winning playwright Beth Graham.

Montreal premiere April 18-29 2018, MainLine Theatre, 3997 Boul. Saint Laurent. The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble written by Beth Graham is a remarkable Canadian play which delves into the effects and challenges of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease seen through the eyes of a daughter who’s searching for her own feelings amidst the tricky dynamics and the whirlwind emotions of her family. She may very well fly off the face of the earth if she doesn’t hang on to the kitchen counter. Honest and darkly funny.

Produced by special arrangement with Playwrights Guild of Canada.

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d² productions was proud to support Alzheimer Society of Montreal and Baluchon Alzheimer whose missions are to offer relief, support, and resources to caregivers and loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Director: Dale Hayes
Stage Manager/Lighting technician: Dan Liboiron
Mentorship participant: Benedikt Rothhagen
Poster design: Matthew Perks
Promotional video: Max Mehran



Featuring Susan Bain, Helena Levitt, Leigh Ann Taylor and Max Mehran


d² productions was proud to support and showcase Feeding My Mother a frank, funny, inspirational and piercingly honest account of the transformation in Canadian singer, songwriter, and author Jann Arden’s life that turned her into the primary “parent” for her mom, who is in the grip of Alzheimer’s. To purchase a copy go to: OR Visit Jann’s web site at: 

d² productions was proud to support and showcase Much Too Young, a Canadian documentary by Christopher Wynn and Russel Gienapp, that follows four families as they deal with Alzheimer’s disease at a shockingly young age. To view this documentary go to:

The documentary sound track can be purchased at:

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