Burn This

by Lanford Wilson
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Photo Lesley Stoch ,Design Carolyn Lall


Burn This, Written by Lanford Wilson


Presented at MainLine Theatre September 2014
Directed by Dale Hayes
Stage Manager Chana Ellman
Produced by d² productions montréal and Safe Surprise Theatre


Featuring Alina Gotcherian, Alex Gravenstein, Patrizio Sanzari and Julian Fiset

Thank you to Max Laferriere for fight choreography


Audience response:
“What a great play. I really enjoyed myself. So many wonderful lines and delivery, I had to contain myself. Kudos to all involved.” –Christopher T

“It was to my delight, Dale! I really liked your direction! Congrats!” Ira S 

Great work to you and your crew. I Really enjoyed it!” –Alessandro I

“We both really enjoyed it. Bold, messy, powerful, real, lovely. You should all be proud. Merde for the rest of the run.” –Anonymous