Saint Joseph poster


Written by Jason Lebaron

Award nominated, SAINT JOSEPH is all talk-the staccato shorthand of stagnant relationships, the stilted small talk of awkward reunions, the stewed spillage of drunken rivals.  But for all that talk, it’s what’s unspoken that really matters.

SAINT JOSEPH was presented at the Montreal Fringe Festival, June 2015.
Featuring Caroline Fournier, Max Laferriere and Alessandro Izzi.
Directed by Dale Hayes
Stage manager: Marina Miller
Production Manager: Raveena Ambani

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Audience response:
“Sharp, witty, insightful with terrific acting that drew you in to the dialog of the story. Fantastic directing from page to the stage. What a pleasure. Kudos to Jason LeBaron for a wonderful conception.“-Wayne June 14 2015

“The story-line and acting was captivating from start to finish. It was truly an unforgettable experience.“-Karen June 14 2015

 “Really enjoyed ourselves watching SAINT JOSEPH yesterday. Clever dialogue and great performances. I was drawn in and stayed captivated by the characters. Highly recommend this play as a part of the Fringe experience!”- Donna June 14 2015

 “I was drawn in from the first line. Crisp dialogue, superb acting, highly entertaining! A delight from start to finish. Bravo!”– Heather June 14 2015

 “Witty, well-written with sharp comedic edges. Bravo!”– A Fringe Fan June 14 2015

 “I went to go see the show Sunday night. I loved the set and design. It was very simple yet it looked realistic and inviting for the audience.The actors are very talented! They had great chemistry and delivered their lines beautifully. BUTCH (played by Alessandro Izzi) did an excellent job playing the role of a blind man. Overall it was a beautiful show!!!! Incredible performance. I really recommend it!” -Terestina June 16 2015

“Smart, witty, intoxicating script; well played, well acted. See this show. You’ll see what I mean.” – Daisy June 16 2015