Myth of the Ostrich



Myth of the Ostrich by Canadian playwright Matt Murray was presented at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts from Jan 9-12 and Jan 14-15. Unity in diversity, Myth of the Ostrich showcased a diverse cast and crew featuring actors Leigh Ann Taylor, Helena Levitt and Julie Barbeau with Director/Producer Dale Hayes, Stage Manager Raveena Ambani, Technical Advisor Dan Liboiron, Production Assistant Max Mehran and Dialect Coach Thom Niles.  


After Pam finds a letter that she deems inappropriate from her teenage son to his mystery girlfriend, she arrives unannounced at other mother Holly’s house to discuss matters. From a small town and new to the big city, Pam also sees the letter as an excuse to get out of the house and meet new people. Holly, a severely blocked self-help writer, naturally welcomes the distraction with open arms. What starts as a pleasant visit, quickly becomes a complicated, bizarre and hilarious roller-coaster ride of misunderstandings, as Holly soon realizes that Pam has no idea what’s actually going on between their kids. The mess and confusion of this precarious situation launches into orbit with the arrival of Holly’s outrageous and filter-less best friend, Cheryl. What begins as a social call quickly – and hilariously – takes a bizarre turn into a wildly unpredictable afternoon with life-altering consequences.


Audience reaction:


“Words cannot describe the magic of d² productions presentation of Myth of the Ostrich that I was so lucky to experience! It was hysterical from start to finish! Incredible performances and production! I truly hope this goes out to wider audiences. More people should get the feel-good medicine this show delivers!!! Thank you!”

“Go and see this! The play was excellent and very very funny. “The Myth of The Ostrich” by Matt Murray.. It was produced and directed by Dale Hayes who was my old drama coach and is now Producer and Director of d² Productions. The acting and casting was marvellous and the audience was in absolute helplessness with laughter at one point. I really enjoyed it.”

“What a great, funny play! Thank you ladies all for an awesome night at the theatre!”

“Do not miss the closing show of The Myth Of the Ostrich today at 2 at the Segal Centre. You will die laughing I promise you!! Excellence on every level & now I can’t stop listening to Anne Murray all day. Thanks Dale. ”Spread your tiny wings & fly away…””

“Congratulations to everybody. It was incredible.