The Breakfast Club

Poster design: Simon Côté

Poster design: Simon Côté


One Saturday morning, five very unique high school students all fitting different stereotypes unwillingly meet in detention. Throughout the dreaded day, emotions run high as tension builds and the group butts heads, but the teens slowly open up to each other, pouring their hearts out, and ultimately discovering that they have a lot more in common than they originally thought.

Directed by Dale Hayes
Screenplay by John Hughes
Stage Manager: Raveena Ambani
ASM: Max Mehran
Costumes: Eleonore Lamothe
Fight Choreography: Max Laferriere
Music: Caroline Fournier
Poster design Simon Côté

Featuring: Patrizio Sanzari, Sofian Lahyanssa, Johan DeNora, David Hudon, Hannah Dorozio, Teneisha Collins, and Nick Fontaine.

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Audience response:
“What an outstanding performance. Characters that are so iconic are not easy to portray, but within minutes, I was brought to Shermer High. A great evening. Thank you all!”-Cory March 2016

“Attended Saturday night’s performance. A fabulous and professional performance by all. The time flew by as I was captivated inside this detention room. Congrats to all!”-Roger March 2016

“We thoroughly enjoyed the production last night, and I’ll certainly promote it within my professional (and yes, personal) communities. My exposure/experience in theatre, for the most part, has been in the professional area. Last night’s show fits well. Congratulations on a fine cast and the directing.”-John March 2016

“To the cast, crew and creative team of The Breakfast Club, thank you for the outstanding performance of such a classic! Congrats to your sold out run, and have an incredible closing night.”-Lauren March 2016