Mentorship Program Mentees

Benedikt Rothhagen

May 21, 2018-The Backstage Borders Mentorship program gave me an inspiring look behind the scenes of a theatre production: From casting to the final curtain call – I always felt heartily welcomed in the d² team and during the entire production it was a great pleasure for me to work with Dale and Max, discussing future productions and sharing inside production notes. It was an exciting contrast to my everyday office life: being creative, observing the transformation of a present days’ topic into an easy understandable narrative and working behind the scenes to help engage and entertain the audience. Applying as a mentee was worthwhile, as the program opened doors for me that would otherwise have remained closed.-Benedikt


The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble Cast and Crew

The team: Benedikt Rothhagen, Max Mehran, Dale Hayes, Susan Bain, Helena Levitt, Leigh Ann Taylor, missing Daniel Liboiron