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d² productions is an award winning independent theatre company rooted in Montreal’s English theatre community. d² productions made the top ten list of Cult Montreal’s Best Montreal Theatre Companies in 2017. We are driven by our commitment to exclusively produce plays by Canadian playwrights, with an emphasis on emerging artists, and to create opportunities for local artists while producing high quality, affordable theatre for all audiences. d² productions showcases some of Montreal’s finest actors, directors, technicians and writers. We are all about collaboration, sharing, and teamwork, and we’ve proven that working together help artists to explore their potential and achieve great things.

d² productions made the top ten list of Cult Montreal’s Best Theatre Companies in 2017

d² productions is committed to creating and fostering a safe working environment. A space where performers, technicians, staff and volunteers feel safe from abuse, bullying, harassment, fear of harassment, or discrimination of any kind. We will stand by a zero tolerance policy and make certain that all individuals are treated with respect, decency, and dignity. All complaints will be treated seriously and confidentially. d² productions will take timely and appropriate action to report or deal with any such incident that is brought to our attention. We believe that with a combination of respect, communication, common sense, and empathy, we can create an environment that prioritizes safety without compromising the quality of our work.

d² productions survives solely on ticket sales and private donations to fund our productions. Join us and help support our Canadian independent theatre community by becoming a d² productions sponsor for the 2019 season. Check our advertising options and other fund raising initiatives here: Fund Raising Campaigns

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